Sunday 31 May 2009

Monster Manual II

Wizards of the Coast have just recently published the 4e Monster Manual II. I was fortunate enough to be commissioned to work on a number of pictures for the book.
In particular I enjoyed working on the Remorhaz (ice centipede/thing) which features as a chapter start, and thus runs across two pages; though this presented it's own problems with the guttering falling across the image, about a third of the way in from the left.
I was also gratified to see that the Frost giants have been used as part of the banner logo for the D&D web site, and also featured in Jon Schindehette's (lead D&D art director) blog
All images ©Wizards of the Coast

Saturday 30 May 2009

UK Games Expo 2009

The weekend of June 6th & 7th I will be attending my first convention of the year, which is being held in Birmingham. I attended last year, and it was a great show with plenty of variety in the games on offer.

I will be exhibiting on a stand, where I will be showing/selling my original artwork, along with a selection of white-backed (artists proofs) Magic: the Gathering, and WoW tcg, cards for sale. I am also very happy to sign any cards/books/games that you bring along.

I hope to see you there:



Friday 29 May 2009

Ninja Mountain podcast #18

I am a member of an artists private forum called Ninja Mountain. It has been a great place to share information, critique, gossip and giggles, besides also making and maintaining some great friendships.

Some of my fellow artists have been very good at putting out a regular weekly podcast on all matters art related. I have had the pleasure to be involved on a number of occasions, and this week I got the chance again.

Please go and have a listen as we tackle the huge topic of colour theory, along with various other diversions.

Here's the link:



Wednesday 20 May 2009

First Post: The Launch

This is my first blog posting, and it also coincides with the much needed revamp of my website.

Whilst there is still some fine tuning to make I am very happy with the changes that have been made. Not just because it has some more current images, which were sorely needed, but also the additional features and overall layout. Most notable being the addition of the slideshow.

I am intending that this blog will be embedded on my home page, and act as a news source and means for you to make your own comments.

A big thanks to Steve Upham for his hard work on revising my site for me. Do please check out his own site at: