Tuesday 11 December 2012

Return to Forgotten Realms

The Forgotten Realms was the first D&D setting that I worked on for WotC, and I always enjoy revisiting that world, so it was with eagerness that I embarked upon my assignment for the latest D&D supplement: Ed Greenwood present Elminster's Forgotten Realms.

I had three very different pieces to create, which are shown here with their develomental stages; the line sketch, value study and final.

A Goddess of War bestriding a battlefield

The Red Knight Rides 

A magical musical duel between Elves

Settling A Private Matter 

and a pact between city dwellers and the Illithids living beneath them

Sometimes Enemies Are Wiser 

Sunday 2 December 2012

Conventions: IlluXcon & Dragonmeet

The last couple of months have been very busy, I have been working on some great projects and attended a couple of shows. Unfortunately during this time I seem to have been remiss in updating my blog, poor show as that may be it does mean I have a backlog of some great art to show over tne next few posts

IlluXcon 2012
As to the shows, well the first , at the start of November in Altoona, PA, was  IlluXcon, a fantasy art for fantasy artists/collectors symposium and uniquely enjoyable because of that. The restricted numbers made for a very informal atmosphere and gave me a good chance over the long weekend to talk to the majority of attendees, something you would definitely want  to do considering the unique gathering of artists; where else would a row of artists consist of Todd Lockwood, Lary Elmore, Jeff Esley and Fred Fields all shoulder to shoulder, whilst elsewhere in the room Donato Giancola and Justin Sweet are working away on oil paintings.

Not only did I come away from IlluXcon inspired, and motivated, but I also gained some new friendships and awesome art for my walls.

Dragonmeet was held on the 1st December in London, and is one of the (sadly few) UK gaming shows. It was great to attend a 'local' event, and meet some UK artists who I'd only previosuly known through their work.

Dragonmeet 2012
Scott Neil added for scale.

I want to thank everyone that stopped by at either show. These events are made by the people who want to stop and talk about art, and their enthusiasm for it, oh, and purchasing the odd piece does help a litte bit too. I have had a great few show sthis year, and am alreday making plans to top it in 2013.