Tuesday 31 July 2012

Roll 'Em

My preparations towards flying across the Atlantic to GenCon in a couple of weeks are slowly beginning to happen, and a part of that has been to complete my contributiom towards the charity art auction.

Every year Matthew Teets rallies the artists by providing them with dice bags upon which they can make a sketch, these are then auctioned off. Usually I find myself trying to make something half decent whilst manning my stall, but this year I invoked some planning, and had Matthew mail me a bag so that I could create it in advance.

Here is the finished piece:

A Photo

A Scan

The scan is truer to the colours and finish, but the photo adds a bit of scale. The sketch was made with a biro and acrylics. The cloth material provided an interesting surface to work on, very absorbent and roughly textured.

I hope he attracts a few bids and manages to raise some money for a good cause.