Tuesday 16 October 2012


On the 1st December at  Kensington town hall, London,  I will be attending the Dragonmeet convention as part of the art show.

I'm going to be enjoying some great company too: http://dragonmeet.phoenixgamesclub.org.uk/content/dragonmeet-2012-art-show

Wednesday 10 October 2012


I have found people to be naturally curious about the materials and methodology that I use to create my art, and that also extends to my working environment. My studio office is fairly compact, being a little over 10' square, but it has everything I need - my drawing board, PC, storage space (most of my compleetd art is stored elsewhere), and the essential hi-fi.

I have put together a photographic panorama so that you can get the full impression. Finding  in which to stand and make the rotation wasn't easy, and naturally soom distortion has crept in, but you should get  a good feel for the clutter refernce material and resources I have about me.

The Panorama
The Drawing Board