Saturday 29 May 2010

Ninja Mountain Podcast; Episode # 67

The latest Ninja Mountain podcast episode is now available to listen to here.

Sadly it is the last episode Jon Hodgson will be participating in and editing, as he bows out of the time consuming duties due to work commitments.

Jon was a primary force in getting the show off the ground, and has played many a key role in keeping the podcast going. Thanks Jon.

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Corinthian Barbute

I recently took receipt of a new custom made helmet; a Corinthian Barbute with (re)moveable visor. It is the finest piece in my, slowly, expanding collection. The design is based upon medieval examples, that clearly took their inspiration from the classical world.

The armourer, Milan Marek, has done an excellent job, as I expected from someone with the reputation of being one of the leading European armourers. It is not only  a perfect fit but it also has some amazingly graceful lines to it. Seeing a piece like this in the flesh is inspirational for my work. Like holding real chainmail it is an invaluable reference resource.

The articulation on the visor is very smooth, helped by the use of a small disc of leather as a 'washer'. It can also be completely removed. So I guess you get two helmets in one.

I am now looking forward to using it 'in action' at the next roleplaying event. Incidentally it also has a surprisingly good field of vsion through the visor, as the ocular slit is quite close to the eyes.

Milan's work can be found here

I would also recommend browsing the site for armour reference. There is  a great range shown, and it is all well photographed and presented.

Monday 24 May 2010

Ninja Mountain Podcast; Episode # 66

The latest episode of the Ninja Mountain podcast is online, and available to listen to here

I join Jon, Andy and Socar for a freeflowing conversation as we work away at our art.

Tuesday 18 May 2010

Couatl Cloud Palace

Couatl Cloud Palace
D&D Chapter Start; The Plane Above.
Approx 21" x 19". Acrylics. Original art for sale: £1200.
©Wizards of the Coast

It has been a busy few weeks, and the things I want to share are beginning to pile-up. Here's a quick catch up with the companion piece to The Hundred Handed One.

Layout/Value Sketch

Line Sketch