Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Neverwinter Nights

Neverwinter Campaign Setting
Acrylic, 21" x 27"
©Wizards of the Coast.

Neverwinter is a classic DnD campaign setting and being given the opportunity to work on the cover for this product was a real treat; that might have been enough in itself, but I also got to include an Undead Dragon.

Line Sketch

The bridge leading to the rocky outcropping towers of the city provided a wonderful device for giving depth to the image, whilst the crashing waves helped add movement and drama.

Value Study


  1. Wow, this is just stunning! And what a project to get to work on. :)

  2. This is beautiful! Definitely one of my new favorites from you :)

  3. Love that undead black dragon, it's a really good composition, i envy you ;)

  4. Love the crashing waves and the undead dragon. Awesome piece!

  5. Make no Bones about this! It's outstandig! Keep up the great work.

  6. One of life's challenges to paint an undead dragon that doesn't look laughably falling apart- well done! Exquisite water too. I wonder if you toyed with the idea of using a big curling wave as a compositional tool?
    PS Thanks for your earlier comments mate! Tom

  7. Really well done! The design of the undead dragon is very unique as well.

  8. Cacodaemonia: Thanks a lot - yeah it is a cool project to be involved with :)
    Mike Burns: Thanks. It was one where it all seemed to come together as I'd hoped.
    Christian Granero : thanks very much.
    Matt Stewart: Thanks Matt -that means alot coming from you :)
    Nikola : thanks, and I'll try my best.
    Graeme Neil Reid : thanks very much.
    Tommi : Pleased you picked up on the water. This was one of the few times when I was actually happy with my rendering of water.
    Vincent Tan Teck Wee: Thanks.

  9. Beautiful piece Ralph. Lovely flowing composition.

  10. Thanks Atom - I always feel that Dragon wings can be both a blessing and a curse for composition. They are either hard to fit in or provide great compositional devices.

  11. The cover is a great piece of art. Thank you.
    Is that dragon a named WotC dragon or one of your own imagination?


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