Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Talisman the Dragon

Talisman the Dragon

© Fantasy Flight Games/ Games Workshop
Acrylic, 22.5" x 22.5"
Original artwork for sale

I have been enjoying the continuity of working on the Talisman board game line, and I am happy to reveal my cover artwork for Talisman the Dragon, the latest expansion.

As usual we have a very mixed bag of adventurers attempting to battle their way to the top of the Dragon's tower and gain the treasure inside. Creating a narrative with the different archetypes is an enjoyable challenge, and better still was devising a new Dragon. I wanted to echo aspects of the Talisman boardgame's cover Dragon, whilst making him distinctively his own beastie. I feel he is suitably fierce and threatening, something helped by the dramatic perspective.

Below is the initial sketch, in the background of which you can see the Dragon Rider character. Whilst she features in the game it just seemed too confusing to have an additional Dragon on the scene - and she got dropped.

Talisman the Dragon - Sketch


  1. Yay that means the Dragon Rider is a good possibility to return to the game!

  2. Don - if you follow the link you'll see her mini.



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