Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Malfurion Stormrage


Malfurion Stormrage
Acrylic on board, approx 14" x 20"
original artwork SOLD
A Warcraft hero emerges into the light - Malfurion Stormrage. I always enjoy working on the Champion cards for the WoW tcg, as they require the image to work both as a cropped version with rules text covering the bottom third, and to be the full image when flipped over during play. I started off by creating a line sketch.
Line Sketch#1
The depiction wanted was of a young Malfuriion, and my first sketch placed him in his natural setting, gazing out of the panel (and to his future?)
However it was decided that as he is a Champion he should be more directly engaging the viewer, and so I created an alternative take.
Line Sketch#2
I kept the strong perspective to add drama, and give him an imposing posture, but now he engages the viewer directly and is more stoic.
With this sketch approved I created a quick digital value study to aid my painting.
Value Sketch
Then I began painting him with acrylics.
A general underpaint to block in the colours.

Painting from back to front

Losing the edges at the bottom,
to help keep the focus at the top.

Though not quite.. I was asked for one last tweak, which I did digitally, and here is the final (as shown at the top of the blog).

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