Thursday, 8 October 2009

Martial Power 2

One of the mild frustrations of working on commissions is the inability to show a finished painting until the publisher has released the image as part of their own promotions. Sometimes this can mean quite a time lag especially with cover artwork which is often commisisoned a long time in advance of publication.

Therefore I was very happy to see that Wizards have an image of my cover showing in their product listing alongside the entry for the Martial Power 2 DnD supplement, as it is not due for publication until 2010, but it means I can now share it with you.

Martial Power 2 cover artwork

Full details of the product, including the cover as it will appear in print, can be found here:


  1. Great piece Ralph,the weathered statue looks perfect.You have this nack for injecting tons of detailing into your backgrounds and foregrounds, yet still make the characters the definative focus of the illustration. Inspiring stuff.

  2. So you were the one who did this cover! I remember seeing it bouncing around the internet around Gencon and wondering who the ridiculously talented fella this piece sprouted from...

    I think my favorite part is the compositional line of the cloak and it's interaction with the glowing provides such a lovely division for the painting as a whole in a very organic way.

  3. Hi Atom,

    I have been paying a lot of attention recently to keeping the focus where I want it. I love adding all that detail, but it can overwhelm the image if I'm not careful.


    I have only just realised it has been publically released - so glad to hear it was being aired at GenCon, an dtaht it made a positive impression :)

    I have recently realised that I like triangles and S-forms in my composition. They certainly papear in this piece, and I'm gla dtehy work for you.



  4. Absolutely amazing work! I'm really looking forward to this book!

  5. Thanks Verdant, your comment is really appreciated :)


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