Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Slaying Stone: Cover artwork

Around the same time that I got to work on Martial Power 2 I also had the great pleasure of working on the cover for The Slaying Stone.

It was interesting to portray a mechanised 'dog' and to try to give it some personality. It was also necessary for the pack leader of the Iron Defenders (for that is what they are) to stand out, which is why he got all the gilt trim.

I was also tackling a night time scene, which naturally inclines towards a blue/purple palette. To add interest I threw in the last remnants of a sunset, which helps delineate the horizon and lets the silhouette of the tower stand out more clearly. I also decided on a secondary foreground light source. I felt this indicated something impinging into the scene from 'out of shot' - the target of the 'dogs' attack - and allowed me to intoduce warmer colours in the foreground, which helps the lead figure pop.

For details of the supplement and to see the cover iwth full trade dress on please visit:-


  1. Accordng to the D&D web site this is the cover of an adventure called the slaying stone not the Reavers of Harkenwold

  2. Anon, Thanks for pointing this out. It seems that the name has been changed since the product was first announced. I have made the relevant edits.


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