Friday, 20 November 2009

Draconomicon 2: Mercury & Orium Dragons

The DnD supplement Draconomicon 2 was published this week. A great group of artists was collected together to work on these iconic beasties, and I had the pleasure of creating two chapters starts for the book, which covered two new Dragon types;

The Mercury Dragon

The Orium Dragon ( which also possesses the most interesting breath attack I have come across!)


  1. Awesome! It breathes snakes! :D

  2. Yeah, cool or what!

    I think it is an illusory snake, but then maybe it can do other animal impressions too :)

  3. Amazing stuff as usuall Mr Horsley. Do you use much photo ref in your work?

  4. Hi Russell,

    Thanks. I am very pleased that you like these.

    I refer to photographs for colour schemes, landscapes, clouds, etc. However I rarely try to replicate any one image. I usually end up with an amalgam of aspects I like.

  5. it breathes acid, that takes the form of a snake that can attack enemies again


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