Monday, 2 November 2009

Halloween Fun & Podcast

We all had fun at Halloween, indeed you can see how much we enjoyed it by the adoption of the demonic red eyes, and hope you did too.

The annual pumpkin carving is something I always enjoy. A different way to flex one's creative muscles, and I was pretty pleased with this effort.

Last week I also had the pleasure of appearing on the Ninja Mountain Podcast. Jon's amusing summary must surely tempt you to listen ;)

This week on Ninja Mountain: Robo Jeremy returns to introduce Patrick,

Socar, Jon, and Ralph, who discuss: Stuff! Stuff like: A single top tip for aspiring illustrators, good and bad qualities in art direction, defending your home against shotgun assassins, sketching, and Twitter.

You'll marvel as Socar takes the moderator's golden laurel wreath and takes charge. Gasp in amazement as Patrick swings from rope to rope, roll your eyes as Jon says "you know" a lot, and feel that funny feeling in your tummy like going over a hump backed bridge in the back of the car when you were a kid as Ralph breaks ranks and offers actual content.

The Podcast is here:


  1. Nice pumkin carving Ralph. We also do this every year. This year we discovered that with a lino cutter you can shave off the skin and get nice two tone effect.

  2. Hi Russell,

    It sounds like you have a much more sophisticated approach than my 'sharp knife' technique :)

    I have seen some excellent carving online, which involved varying the thickness of the flesh so that the opcaity affected the light shining through. It created some amazing depth and shading, but a bit beyond my abilities!


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