Thursday, 21 January 2010

Fantasy Art Now 2

Ilex Press have just recently published Fantasy Art Now 2, a fantasy art compilation, or in their words;

The sequel to the best-selling Fantasy Art Now, this volume catches up with some of the most talented and inspiring artists from around the world. Showcasing the latest, cutting-edge fantasy artwork and design, this book also provides insights from the artists into how their work is created. A stunning showcase of images from leading fantasy artists, this essential collection is a must have whether you are a fantasy artist, or simply a fan of the genre.

I was very happy to have several pieces of art included in the volume, and it is available via their web site

 or any major book seller, including Amazon.


  1. Congratulations on that. Enjoyed your red demon in the last one.

  2. Thanks - I think I managed to get five pieces in this time :)


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