Monday, 11 January 2010

Ninja Mountain #47


I had the enjoyable experience of participating in the latest Ninja Mountain podcast. It was my first time being involved with the critique format; a number of artists submitted their work for us to cast our critical eyes over, and give some sort of feedback.

The range of images varied greatly stylistically, media and content-wise. I believe this led to an interesting discussion, probably also highlighting our own predelictions and interests as artists.

Here's where you can find the podcast:


  1. It was fantastic getting to participate in that with you, Ralph. As always your insights were particularly helpful and cogent. Also - your bedtime-story reading skills came in quite handy!

  2. I'm glad that I came over as making sense Patrick - I do wonder sometimes ;) As ever I had fun, and it is was great to hear what everyone else picked up on.

    I have been honing my reading skills - so if you ever need anything reading out on the Podcast I'm your man - though preferably if it rhymes and contains characters like the Gruffalo, Golidlocks or Thomas the tank engine!

    Thanks Atom :)


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