Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms

I have already shown my cover artwork for Heroes of the Fallen lands, and mentioned that it was one of a pair that made up the Player Essentials titles. I am happy that I can now share it's companion piece with you:

Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms.

Acrylic, Approx 13" x 17". Original artwork for sale: £1700

This intentionally has a lot of similarities with it's partner; the strong central light source, a prominent foreground figure, and enemies attacking from the background and foreground. The differences are in the flipping of the foreground figures and that in one we are looking up some stairs, whilst we are peering downwards in the other.

A clear comparison, and my original value sketches, can be seen here:

This was one of the rare occasions when I got to paint a Drow, and I was keen to make sure that his skin tone appeared black, rather than a shade of brown or purple. I had fun with him, and like the bold framing silhouette that his figure makes in this image.

This is the cover with trade dress added. Which helps explain the blank space at the top if the picture.

Full product details can be found here:


  1. Drows are weird. I know Jon Schindehette mentioned it a couple of times that only black skin is right, but I think I prefer the "dark not black" versions (like Tod Lockwood does I think).
    It just seems a bit more believable to me.
    Black leathery looking drow in black leather armour - the result is almost robotic. :)

    As always - great angle/composition!

  2. I get where you are coming from Jan, but I do like that intensity of black on black. It's not that you can't put coloured hues in there, but it is about using them sparingly and carefully.


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