Monday, 1 February 2010

Weekend Break - A Jolly Folly

I have just got back from a weekend break spent on the east coast of Yorkshire, England. We had the pleasure of staying in a very unusual building, an C18th Folly.

Built in 1825 it was always intended to resemble a tumbledown gatehouse, and had small lodges inset on either side of the gateway. These have now been converted to holiday lets, and it certainly made somewhere different to stay.

We were also treated to an unexpected snowfall (about 5-8 cms) overnight. Which did make visiting the local beaches even more bracing than usual, but also added to the overall sense of 'folly'.

This is Scarborough, with ruined castle on headland. Just one of many beaches, Whitby, Filey, Bridlington and Hornsea amongst them, that we visited.


  1. Yeah, but lovely views! Looks like the little guy is enjoying himself too!

  2. Gordon: That is just the propoganda to make sure we aren't overrun with Southerners seeking out the good life ;)

    ATOM: The coasts there are spectacular in places, and somewhere like Robin hood's bay is a real treat. A village built on a cliff that was once a key smuggling route.

  3. This post made me laugh, this is exactly the kind of weekend breaks myself and the little woman constantly take.I love exploring the South Coast and have been doing it for years now. We get tons of inspirational photo's of caves,headlands,ruins and lovely Castles (my favourite)Even better with Medieval fairs on, I dig the re-enactment scene too....and good Cider!Gotta hit the East coast this year!

  4. Hi ATOM,

    That sounds great. Heading back we both said how much we had enjoyed ourselves, felt recharged and fired up, and that we shoudl do it again soon.

    The south coast is a bit more of a haul for us, but the scenery is stunning.


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