Monday, 7 June 2010

Games Expo - review.

My GamesExpo Stand.

I wanted to thank everyone who stopped by my stand at the weekend and said 'hi', it was great to meet you all. I always find it exciting and interesting to talk to the gamers for whom my art is intended. Finding out what sparks their particular interest, combined with their enthusiasm, is great.

I understand the show went smoothly for the organisers (whom I'd like to thank for me inviting once again), and was a success for the traders I spoke to as well. The event was held in Birmingham at the Clarendon Suite; a building well suited as it had a mix of larger halls, and smaller conference rooms to accomodate traders and games alike. However it could appear slightly maze-like at first, as I think this photo looking into the main atrium and beyond demonstrates.

The Maze

The labyrinthine layout was made more intriguing when simple observation revealed it to be a masonic lodge.

Past Masters

Aprons, geometry instruments, medallions and the like always add a certain extra frisson to proceedings. As does a race of violent aliens...

The Daleks

...even if their intentions are solely to collect for charity!

Thanks again to everyone. I hope you get all your paintings framed and on your walls soon :)


  1. wow looks like it was a great event, Wish I could have gone. Please keep up the outstanding work all the best and happy drawing.

  2. Thanks very much Nikola. It was very enjoyable, and I got to catch up with a lot of industry friends.


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