Saturday, 18 July 2009

Bugman's Peanuts Competition

Today is competition time on my blog. I am giving away a signed copy of The Bugman's Game board game, which has just been released by Games Workshop.

The Challenge:

Guess how many pieces of peanut there are in the pint-sized tankard pictured above. Please note that the salted peanuts I used come either whole, or else split in half, both have been counted as a single piece. I know, this makes it even harder.


Enter by posting the number you think is correct as a comment to this blog entry.
Only 1 entry per person (if you enter more than once just your first post will be used).
If more than 1 person gets the correct number (or the nearest correct number) the first person to post the number will win.
Competition will finish on Saturday 1st August 2009 12:00 GMT (UK time)

The Winner:

The winner will be announced in a new blog entry. I will also notify them directly through the contact details in their profile. I will then send the game to any address you provide me with.

The Prize:

The Bugman's Game is a special promotional board game published by Games Workshop. It is only available for purchase at Bugman's Bar, which is in GW's Nottingham, UK, headquarters.

It is a light-hearted, beer & pretzels, game, whose objective is to get your Dwarf to the bar, then back again, with your food and drink. Sounds simple enough until you factor in the other Dwarfs, Trolls, Rowdy Revellers and the urgent need to get to The Bogs.

I provided all the artwork for the game; cover, board, cards and counters. It made a surprisingly refreshing change to flex my humour muscles and create some cartoon imagery - which I have always suspected I had in me.

I have included a few samples in this post.

I have had the pleasure of visiting Bugman's bar several times, and it is a fun fantasy themed bar. Adjoining it is a gaming hall which is also very well made up as a village square.

Here's a link:

Good luck in the competition.


  1. I will begin this by saying 352.

    crossing my fingers! :)

  2. I'll guess 162.
    And I want to express my sincere sympathy to you, whom needed to count all those peanuts.

  3. I'm gonna say 347 <3

  4. Ooo.. How about 500? :D


  5. hmmm... 252... Or at least thats what my undiscovered sixth sense says...

  6. 329, I hope!!

  7. I guess 666, and invoke the blessing of the god of excess.

  8. Fun competition 8)


  9. This is just a blatant attempt to get comments on your blog isn't it?! So I shall say...
    ...and good day to you, Sir!

  10. I'll take a punt at 476.
    Lovely art by the way Ralph, I remember seeing them before on RPGnet. I must get to Bugmans Bar some time.

  11. A very fun contest!
    My guess is 446!

    (and I calculated that :D So it better be at least close)

  12. I guess 372! Its great this game has been finally released. You did the artwork ages ago!

  13. Fun looking game and great contest idea. =)
    I will guess 102

  14. 311!!!
    if its not, its probably because the rowdy revelers pinched some after you took the photo :(

  15. Hmm...I guess 589.

  16. I am going to wager 840 Peanuts.

  17. I'll go for a hefty 821, more than enough for any bear induced salty craving. Unless yer a Dwarf...

  18. Maybe none? Coz you Photoshopped them into an empty glass?

  19. Looks liks a blast! My guess is 482.

  20. Here's hoping for 535 peanuts!

  21. 235
    Thanks and good luck to all!!

  22. The competition is now closed.

    thnaks for all your entries :)


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