Saturday, 1 August 2009

The Winner is...


There were 604 peanuts in the tankard and she guessed 589 making hers the closest guess.


I would like to thank everyone who participated in the competition. I have deliberately not posted any comments or new entries since the competition started, just to keep the entry nice and 'clean', but I have very much appreciated everyone who has come to my blog and made a comment. Thanks.

I have send a note to Tpena19 and look forward to posting the game off to her in the States.


  1. and here I was certain Jon would win this one.

  2. Yeah, he was looking a likely candidate ;)

  3. hell i bought 2 big bags of peanuts for nothing and spent all that time counting them out! guess i d better buy some beer to go with them and cheer myself up! well done tpena19!

  4. I was robbed. That game is rightfully mine! ;)

  5. dogfacedboyuk2 I can empathise. I spent ages counting them out - and there were far more than I expected, then they had to be removed from the house and the area thoroughly cleaned so as not to expose my wife to them, as she has a severe nut allergy!

    Jon: Your right it probably was nearer a million, but I gave up on the counting ;)


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