Friday, 2 July 2010

Doomsday Machine

The Pieces Are Coming Together
Acrylic. Approx 14" x 19.5"
© Wizards of the Coast.

Wizards have recently published a new set of Magic cards that follow an unusual design. These are the 'Archenemy' decks, and their unusual quality comes both from their oversized nature (these are BIG cards), and that in play several players gang up in an attempt to defeat the one Archenemy.
I had the pleasure of working on two cards; Ignite The Clonotron and The Pieces Are Coming Together. These both feature in the deck Assemble The Doomsday Machine and depict magical machinery of awesome scale and ability.

Ignite The Clonotron
Acrylic. Approx 14" x 19.5"
© Wizards of the Coast.

The designs have a further distinction from normal Magic cards as the explanatory text box is semi opaque. This meant the image needed to fill the entire card space, thus the portrait, rather than landscape, aspect, whilst ensuring the image would still read clearly. This explains why the focus is weighted heavily to the top part of the illustration.


  1. Booth look great Ralph. I especially like the second one. Heads up, you labeled the post Doomsdau.

  2. Agreed, Inside the Clonotron is bloody epic and atmospheric!

  3. I really like the weighted composition.

    How do you feel about that blue grey area of "nothingness" in Ignite? Unusual to see that in your work, but for me it works fantastically with the usual Horsley level of precise detail.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Joe; Thanks a lot, and I have edited the labelling ;)

    Steve; Much appreciated :)

    Jan; Interesting to see that the Clonotron is more favoured - as I like the other more :)

    Jon; I guess I was happy with the space because it is going to be covered up ;)

    More seriously I actually quite liked the 'nothingness', it seemed to give a greater sense of scale, but I could have thrown in a bit more texture or colour variation into that space.


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